STEM in Scottish Aviation and the Flying Aces Scheme

STEM Meaning & Definition

Scotland has long been a leader in the world of STEM. In education, the acronym STEM stands for the disciplines of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. STEM education, then, is the learning of these STEM subjects through an integrated approach; one that offers hands-on and relevant learning experiences.

It’s not only the benefit of learning science, technology, engineering, and math as one, but also gaining skills of problem-solving, exploratory learning, and critical thinking that go hand-in-hand with those subjects that make STEM education valuable. Not to mention that proficiency with STEM skills is a must for anyone traversing the future job landscape.

Aviation relies massively on STEM - it is defined by it, especially so in the RAF with more than 50% of its workforce comprised of engineers and engineer technicians. The RAF Youth STEM programme is fully approved by the Scottish Education authorities. Scroll down for more STEM information.


The Flying Aces Scheme brings together young people who come from disadvantaged,   under-privileged, socially challenged, and  disabled backgrounds, and introduces them to the thrill of flying, with the aim of building their confidence and their chances in life. For more, click on the image or HERE