RAF Youth and STEM

Approved by Scottish Education

RAF Youth and STEM

The RAF is a highly technical Service, with more than 50% of its workforce comprised of engineers and engineer technicians. The RAF has created a Youth STEM Team, with outputs that are accepted and approved by the Scottish Education authorities.

Using our network of over 500 RAF STEM Ambassadors, we are committed to informing, inspiring and enabling young people to study STEM subjects and promote STEM skills across a wide population.  This work is distinct from recruitment and is free at the point of delivery. Our aspiration is to assist in the delivery of a future talent pool with the right skills and motivation, truly reflective of the society we serve, that understands the breadth of opportunities available to them if they study STEM subjects.

RAF Youth and STEM Team

The RAF Youth and STEM Team run a national programme of STEM engagement that includes; Large Scale Events (such as Multi Activity Days within a Museum), In School STEM Days, Residential Courses and the development of learning resources.

To learn more about RAF Youth and STEM, click on the link below.

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